You are the Hero and this is your journey.

Kvell - your mobile custom-tailored guide to health and healing.
Achieve your best well-being by taking sovereign approach to your health.

Highly-customized healing

Every journey is unique! We start with questions and assessments to get to know you and provide a custom-tailored healing plan. Our process grows with you and adjusts to changes in your lifestyle, perspective, and condition.

Sovereign Approach

YOU are the hero, and this is YOUR journey.
We encourage you to take a sovereign approach to your health, while we provide all the tools necessary to succeed.

Variety of modalities

Kvell was built with experts in the room. Find different approaches, techniques, exercises, and tools to find what works for you- All at your fingertips!

Progress Tracking

Kvell works with you and not for you. If we could improve your health without your effort, we would! Instead, we encourage you to be your own hero by helping your stay accountable for yourself. Our Daily Checklists help you stay on track and even develop new healthy habits!

With you all the way

Our in-depth digital chat guide can help you check in with yourself, take assessments, suggest new articles and more!

Penelope, 36

Hello hero, I’m Penelope and this is my #Kvelling. Two years ago, I was at a low point in my life. I couldn’t enjoy time with friends, didn’t like my job, and didn’t... like myself. I was lost and didn’t know how to change. The feeling continued for months until one day I read an article about depression. All the symptoms described in the article matched my state at that moment. That is when I realized I had a mental health disorder. It was extremely hard to accept it. I thought I was broken. I knew I didn't want things to be this way, though, so I committed to getting educated and started my journey to well-being. It was the best decision I've ever made for myself, my loved ones, and my life. One by one, I found tools that helped me to beat depression. I changed my habits, re-shaped the way I think, I and found an online community where I could always ask for support and motivation when I felt down. The only reason I am sharing this story today is to let you know that you are not alone in on this journey. Depression is a big problem in the modern world, but I know you can beat it. It takes a lot of courage to come forward and acknowledge the problem. Be brave, accept the problem, don’t be afraid to share it, and you will see how much easier living will be.

Marie, 27

I've struggled with mental health issues my whole life. As a teen, I didn't realize that my extreme shyness was actually anxiety, which lead to depression all through college. I would go between caring too much about something (anxiety) and then not caring at all (depression). I struggled to keep relationships with lovers or friends. I developed bad eating habits, and then bad body image. I thought that if I cured my mental illness, everything about my life would fall into place. When I found Kvell, I realized that I wasn't treating all aspects of my wellbeing. By holding myself accountable, I felt that I was really cherishing myself, my body, my mind, and my life. I never felt like I had a true identity, and Kvell's 5 pillars of wellness made me realize that I am more than just my mental health. While my struggle will never be completely over, I feel that Kvell has helped me become less absorbed by my illness, and more in tune with my life. It's given me tools to become a well rounded person, and to find community to support me. It can be hard to let others know how much you're struggling, but it's important to know you're not alone. That's why I decided to share my #kvelling story, and hope that it might help someone out there.

Joanna, 22

Whats up! This is a weird time to be alive 😅 . College is online, family is out of reach, even hanging out with friends has become stressful. being stuck at home... I started feeling stuck. Suddenly I wasn't moving forward... You can take a quiz and get a snapshot of your balance in life, then you can really start working on the areas that are going to help you most. There's some great and on-trend articles, motivating quotes. Breathing exercises you can do at home. It's like having a therapist, a physical trainer, and a life coach all in one! Other apps I've tried just give you things you can do, but Kvell actually guides you in real things, real therapy approaches, real yoga videos, real articles on real things, like spending, and setting goals etc. I recommend it to all my friends and family, all ages, who are feeling down or stuck these days - who can blame us?! Wellness is never ending but #kvelling is here to stay!

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