Welcome to Kvell.

Welcome to Kvell. 

You are standing on the shore, looking out over the waves.

It is time to embark on a new kind journey. You have known this day would come. 

You are the hero of this journey, and we’ll be traveling with you. 

As you look out at the wide-open waters of change, you may feel afraid. 

That’s okay!

Fear is a sign that you’re doing something brave. 

Taking the first paddle into unknown waters is always frightening.
But you have something special inside of you that equips you for this journey.
You have the ability to change your mindset and transform your fear into excitement and readiness.

The Hero’s Mindset

In order to embark on your life’s wellness journey, you’ll first need to adopt a mindset of hard work and effort, positivity, and knowing that you are worth it. You are worth the work it will take to feel better. You are worth the effort to break old patterns, push for growth, and find a better path forward. You deserve to feel physically strong and able, emotionally stable, mentally sharp, spiritually inspired, financially sure, and socially supported. Everyone does. 

Heroes are: 

  • Self-sovereignYou’re a hero in your own story when you can choose to save yourself, instead of waiting to be saved. When you make decisions for yourself, think critically, and push for your own, individual definition of wellness.
  • Accepting Heroes accept themselves and others without hesitation. To be a hero, you must be aware of the natural shortcomings and challenges we humans are up against. Heroes accept these obstacles and stand to fight against them. Heroes also accept every day’s efforts as good enough and understands the importance of rest, of failure, and of change.
  • Determined As the hero in your own journey, you mustn’t give up. Heroes like you are determined to find a better way forward and push for progress. Heroes aren’t derailed by one day of frustration or failure to launch, they’re fueled by it.
  • Open Journeys are fluid. When you embark on a trip, you never know where it might take you. There are real answers to questions you’ve carried around forever, but you might have to look in unpredictable places, or try new things to find them. As the hero in your own journey, you’ll use your intuition and an open heart to navigate. We’re here to open doors.
  • Courageous Ultimately, every person becomes a hero the moment she is willing to do the thing she’s most afraid of. For you, the wellness journey you’ve been putting off begins the day you put your hero hat on. You have everything you need to make that choice today. 

What is Kvell? 

The word “kvell” literally means to burst with pride and joy, to express oneself and one’s achievements openly, and to tell one’s story. 

Kvell, the app, is a place for people from every walk of life to build a plan for wellness, walk the path toward wellness, and then tell — or kvell — your story for others to walk with you. 

Step One: Build Your Plan.In which areas of wellness do you need the most improvement? How can you make lifestyle changes, connect to resources, or pursue learning that will help you improve? Kvell provides resources from vetted wellness professionals and advisors. 

Step Two: Walk Your Path.This is where the journey really takes off. You’ll take steps toward wellness in the various areas you’re working on, and our app will be there to guide you, prompt your next steps, and provide constant support. 

Step Three: Kvell Your Story. 

On the kvell app, we’re kvelling when we open our hearts, tell the truth, celebrate ourselves, and push for better. To kvell is to celebrate, or “kvell-ebrate” yourself, your wins, your story, and your scars. We share stories from kvell members who have overcome immense obstacles to achieve mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual, and/or financial wellness. These stories will inspire, guide, and motivate you to do the same. When you’re ready, you can share yours to be a positive force for someone else. 


Kvelling isn’t something you unlock once life is perfect and things are all aligned. You don’t have to wait until everything’s just right to celebrate what’s going well. You don’t have to have all the words laid out perfectly before you’re ready to tell your story. At Kvell, we’re excited about every person’s journey, every story, every failure, and every win. At Kvell, we know everyone has a unique story to share and that our stories have a domino effect. When you share, others are encouraged to share. As you grow, the kvell community grows with you. As others learn, you learn too. 

The Five Pillars of Kvell 

Kvell is, at its core, a repository of the best resources for every facet of wellness. We’re here to help you live a better life in every category, and we focus primarily on five key pillars: 

Physical WellnessFrom sleep to stress management to nutrition and more, your physical wellness is measurable, manageable, and improvable with our support.

Emotional and Mental WellnessYou deserve to feel joy and ease in your mind and heart. This pillar will help you become more emotionally resilient, mentally sharp, and psychologically centered.

Social WellnessYou need people, and you need to feel as though you belong. We all do. This pillar will help you relate better, make friends, preserve relationships, and find your community.

Spiritual WellnessWhether your soul and spirit are hurting, or exuberant and ready to be set free, our spiritual guides and resources can help you reconnect to your true self and find purpose.

Financial WellnessWe know that money is a precursor to stability for many people. You deserve to feel financially stable, confident, and protected from life’s surprises. Our resources can help!

We are backed by a community of experts in each of these pillars, and we’ll be happy to walk with you on each and every path to your best life. 

Are You Ready? 

You’re steering this ship. Click below to get started on your kvell journey, sign up with us, and remember: you’re the hero in this story. Believe in yourself. Be well. 


Team Kvell


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